Çantika - house of natural health and beauty

The places and the people

Located in the middle of the rice fields, Çantika is the creation of Jasi and is run as a family business. All the treatments offered are a blend of traditional and self-discovered techniques, fruit of continuous research and study. Friendliness and attention to personal needs are the natural approach to the philosophy of a simple but fulfilling relation with the customers. Everybody requests are readily satisfied by the Çantika staff whenever possible.

Homemade beauty products

Çantika also makes all the products used: shampoo, conditioner, beauty masques, soap, massage oils and cream bath. Everything is made with plants home grown in our garden, ensuring fresheness. Booking in advance you may come and see how the products are made. Jasi will explain the process while it's happening and give you a tour of the garden. According to availability, some products may be purchased and re-filling is offered for customers that would like to buy again.


call +62 361 7944425 or email us to inquire about our workshops. Jasi will personally teach you how to make your own products with herbs from the garden and the unique Çantika massage techniques.