Çantika - house of natural health and beauty



Çantika's entrance

Immersed in the rice fields of Bali...

Massage room Massage room

Massage room Massage room

Simple and comfortable, our rooms are designed to offer a relaxing environment that helps our customer enjoy the treatment.

Shower Bath tub

Stone, flowers and bamboo; all natural materials is the key to Çantika's uniqueness. The rooms and the garden become one with the surrounding rice fields.


Çantika Sok Wayah's entrance

The new Spa on the way to Sari Organic reastaurant...

Çantika Sok Wayah's bale

Relax and enjoy your treatment...

Çantika Sok Wayah's massage room Çantika Sok Wayah's massage room

The integration with the surroundings is always Çantika's priority. It feels like dipping in a freshwater pool in the jungle...


Massage Flower bath

The staff at Çantika is personally trained and supervised by Jasi. They will welcome you with a smile and try to accomodate all your wishes.

Jasi and Çantika staff

Çantika is like an extended family, ready to help you make the best of your Bali experience.