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Traditional tools

The tools of the trade...

Balinese kitchen Ingredients

Our balinese traditional kitchen is also our laboratorium. The ingredients of our products are all home grown, many directly in our garden.

Some of our ingredients:

Eggs Lemons Cinnamon Cloves
Eggs Lemons Cinnamon Cloves
Isen Ginger Turmeric Kencur
Languas Galanga Ginger Turmeric Kaempferia galanga
Candle nut Coriander Jinten Kapulaga
Candle nut Coriander Coleus aromaticus Cardamon
Nutmeg Star anice Yellow frangipani Red frangipani
Nutmeg Star anice Yellow frangipani Red frangipani
Cocor bebek Bowl leaves Sweet wood Patchouli
Kalanchoe pinnata Shell leaves Sauropus androgynus Patchouli
Aloe vera Betel Pandan Ylang-ylang
Aloe vera Betel leaves Pandan leaves Ylang-ylang

The preparation:

Boiling Grating

Preparing Products

All herbs, plants and spices need to be prepared by hand first. Then, according to the different specifications, they must be processed. All of it is done by Çantika staff under Jasi's supervision, following both traditional and original recipes.